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In our restaurant we put quality and kindness FIRST. Here you can find a mix of finest meat, fish, creatively hand-made starters and desserts, exquisite wines and a little bit of adventure. You choose whether we prepare your steak for you on the charcoal grill in the middle of the restaurant or grill it by yourself on your table with the 400 degrees Celsius lava stone.

A special atmosphere

Since the beginning it was our mission to produce all steak sauces by ourselves, which led us to the brand Mannius. Our range has been growing since and now it includes, amongst others, handcrafted Mannius Beer, different Salt Flakes and steak sauces in many varieties.

The finest meats

Here our focus is clearly on enjoying meat - whether on our open charcoal grill or even directly on the hot stone grilled at the table. You can compare and enjoy up to 12 different types of meat: from beef to bison, from deer to reindeer. These culinary delights are accompanied by homemade delicacies, various antipasti and tempting desserts. Feel free to take a look at our Instagram profile @mannius.steakandsauces and we look forward to your likes and tags.

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